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It’s not a dashboard

The Assistant is a paradigm shift: it autonomously brings suggested actions to fee earners, instead of relying on their instructions

  • Decision support: AI-generated, curated list of daily recommendations to improve revenue-related decisions
  • Time savings: a suite of intuitive productivity and collaboration tools designed to reduce time spent on admin
  • High performance coaching: contextualised micro-training on improving lock-up and realisation as part of daily workflows

Adaptive AI

Our AI engine has been designed to generate accurate, actionable recommendations from raw matter-level data.

  • Nuance detection: our AI can tailor its recommendations to matter circumstances at hand
  • Human in control: the user can override any system-generated recommendation
  • Feedback loop: our AI takes user interactions into account in generating recommendations

Embedded architecture

The Assistant slots into your existing processes and makes the most of your existing tech stack

  • PMS data: the Assistant securely accesses your matter-level data (via secure API / SFTP connectors)
  • Delivery via MS Office: the Assistant interacts with users via Outlook / Teams
  • Seamless user experience: by leveraging your existing processes and tech stack, the Assistant seamlessly slots into the existing ways of working