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The Smart Lockup Assistant draws on Nobel prize-winning behavioural decision science to reduce cognitive effort, aid decision-making and remove friction.

For fee earners, effective revenue management is a recall/decision challenge – the right decision needs to be made at the right time. This can be better understood when examined through the prism of behavioural decision science. Our Smart Lockup Assistant is designed in line with cutting-edge smart nudging principles that help counter the inherent conflict of interest between System 1 and System 2 thinking. As a result, the Assistant helps achieve the “holy grail” of improving decisions without negatively impacting utilisation.

System 1 thinking

Quick, intuitive thinking

Takes less valuable time (costs less) but produces worse results

“Feels like we’re now veering outside of our scope here”

“I think I spent c. an hour on this doc”

“When was the last time I reviewed my WIP up on this matter?”

System 2 thinking

Slow, analytical thinking

Produces better results but take more time and effort (costs more)

“This document is in scope, but reviewing the other 2 is not”

“Review took 20 minutes, and markup another 46”

“My WIP on this matter stands at £27k and is 72 days old – older than WIP on 80% of similar matters”

Check out our Literature Review of scientific research that demonstrates the effectiveness of deploying decision science insights in the context of organisational change (such as improving legal lock-up and realisation!).